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15/05/2020 15/06/2020

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Recently, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has launched a video clip contest to promote Vietnam's tourism to propagate and promote the culture and image of the people of Vietnam, to encourage and convey love and desire to explore tourism. Vietnam calendar of visitors.

This contest is part of a series of activities aimed at celebrating the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Tourism Industry (July 9, 1960 - July 9, 2020), as well as contributing to the propaganda and promotion of culture and images. Vietnamese people come to domestic and international tourists, as well as convey the love to explore Vietnamese tourism of tourists from all directions.


Accordingly, each participating author can submit up to 5 entries and each work will have a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 2 minutes. The winning work will be evaluated based on the following criteria: unique views from the way of making clips to expressing creative views; transmitting experience and experience for the purpose of introducing and promoting Vietnam's tourism; The story is inspirational and attracts the audience.


The prize of the contest will be package tours in the country, vacation vouchers in luxury hotels. The organizers will accept the entries starting from May 15, 2020 to the end of June 15, 2020. The examinations are expected to take place by the end of June ,2020 and the publication of the works, the winners in the middle of July, 2020. The clips will be sent to the email address The contest results will be announced to the winners and updated at the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism website:



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