The contest "Beautiful photos of Dong Nai Tourism in 2018"

01/07/2018 01/10/2018

Sở Văn Hóa Thể Thao Và Du Lịch Đồng Nai-Trung Tâm Xúc Tiến Du Lịch

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The photo competition with the theme "Beautiful photos of Dong Nai tourism-2018" was launched from June 1 - September 30, 2017 within the framework of programs to welcome Bien Hoa - Dong Nai for 320 years of formation. and develop.

After the launch of the contest, the Organizing Committee has received more than 300 entries. The works mainly reflect the life moments, cultural beauty, customs, cuisine, traditional festivals typical of Dong Nai ...

The organizers have selected 11 winning works. The first prize belongs to the work: The cable car of the holiday of the author Vu Tien Chuong, the second prize belongs to the work: Discover the Green Forest by author Nguyen Manh Ha and the work: Travel pleasure by author Tran Huu Cuong , 03 third prizes belong to the work: Receiving Ceremony of National Historic Monuments by author Lam; works: Winning the season of the author Lo Van Hop; Artwork: Tran Bien's new day by Nguyen Thanh An and 5 consolation prizes.

First prize
Artwork: Holiday cable car - By Vu Tien Chuong

The second prize
Artwork: Discovering Green Forest - Author Nguyen Manh Ha

The second prize
Works: Interesting Tourism - Author Tran Huu Cuong

The third prize
Artwork: Tran Bien new day - Author Nguyen Thanh An

The third prize
Artwork: Ceremony to receive National Historic Monuments - Author Lam Con


The third prize
Artwork: Won The Season - By Lo Van Hop

In addition, the Organizing Committee has also selected 100 works to print books and participate in exhibitions at the fair of Socio-Economic Development Achievement Expo on the occasion of 320 years of Dong Nai Province's establishment and development at the end of the year. 2018.

The winners of the Dong Nai Tourism Photo Contest 2018 will be contacted by the Organizing Committee to announce the specific time and place to receive the award later. All details will be updated on the website


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