Building a symbolic model of the war zone D in Dong Nai Nature - Cultural Reserve

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According to Dong Nai Cultural Nature Reserve, after more than 1 year of launching "Creating the logo of the war zone D" The Organizing Committee has received 17 sketches of 13 authors who are internal and external artists and sculptors. the provincial. Through the selection period, the TVTU board selected the sketch model No. 10 of author Dao Tan Hung (member of Dong Nai Association of Literature and Arts).

The Nature Reserve builds 3 plans to build a symbolic model of the war zone D with the scale of 1/1, the symbolic height of 11m, the width of 10m, the depth of 12.5m. Dong Nai Nature - Cultural Reserve (Nature Reserve) has sent a document to the Provincial People's Committee for consideration and approval to choose a plan on building a symbolic model of the War Zone D. In which, ensuring the arts, safety, efficiency and saving money, the Reserve has built 3 plans to build the symbolic model of War Zone D. Option 1 is constructed according to plaster model with the rate of 1/1 with a total cost of more than 2 billion VND. Option 2 constructs monolithic iron and foam frame, total cost is about 830 million VND. Construction plan of iron frame, corrugated iron, hiflex glued to the corrugated iron, total cost is about 410 million VND. 

The logo will be built at the intersection of the road into 3 relic areas: the Central Department of the South, the Party Committee of the Southeast and the Suoi Linh Tunnel. The project was built to celebrate the Party congress at all levels, towards the 60 years of establishment of the Eastern Party Committee and is a cultural symbol, a highlight of space, a unique tourist destination of Vinh Cuu district in particular, the province. Dong Nai in general.

Thu Trang

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