Tourism Development Support Fund (VTDF) officially opened

05/05/2022 145 0

The Tourism Development Support Fund was established under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 49/2018/QD-TTg dated 12/12/2018. Up to now, the organization, apparatus and personnel of the Fund have been consolidated. The Ministry of Finance has issued Circular No. 12/2022/TT-BTC dated February 22, 2022 guiding the content and level of state budget spending to perform the task of promoting, advertising and supporting tourism development of the Fund, creating a basis for the Fund to implement practical activities.

The Tourism Development Support Fund operates according to the model and applies the financial mechanism of a one-member limited liability company in which 100% of charter capital is held by the State, not for profit, preserving capital. charter and self-finance management costs. The annual operating budget allocated by the central budget is equal to 10% of the total annual budget revenue from the collection of fees for issuing visas and documents related to exiting and entering Vietnam for foreigners and foreigners. equal to 5% of the total annual budget revenue from the collection of visiting fees.

The Fund's activities focus on the following tasks: Promotion of domestic and foreign tourism through events, media, publications, articles and digital platforms; supporting market research and tourism product development; supporting training and fostering development of tourism human resources; supporting tourism communication activities in the community.

The Fund can mobilize funding sources, voluntary and legal contributions of domestic and foreign enterprises, organizations and individuals to enhance the socialization of resources for promotion, publicity and development support. tourism development.

Thanh Xuan

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