Statistics of tourists coming to Dong Nai in the first 3 months

17/03/2020 417 0

According to information from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, in the first 3 months of 2020, Dong Nai Tourism welcomed about 940,000 visitors to visit and stay in the province, down 18.4% over the same period. Tourism revenue is estimated at 361 billion dong, down 10.6% over the same period.


The Covid-19 epidemic had a negative impact on the tourism sector, causing a sharp decrease in tourists to Dong Nai compared to the previous month and from the same period last year. Although Dong Nai's tourism industry has actively implemented many synchronous solutions to attract tourists such as strengthening the state management of tourism, implementing measures to ensure security and order, environmental sanitation, quality control of products, services, and prices of tourism; regularly promoting Dong Nai tourism on newspapers, radio, social networking sites ...


In response to the Covid-19 epidemic, Dong Nai tourism industry has actively and urgently implemented plans to cope with the epidemic's consequences. In the coming time, Dong Nai tourism industry will continue the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemics such as: focusing on information and propaganda about the situation of the epidemic, ways of preventing diseases for travelers. ; regularly cleaning destinations, accommodation establishments, restaurants, bars ...; promoting Dong Nai tourism propaganda on mass media (newspapers, radio, internet); strengthen links and close cooperation with other provinces and cities to promote the potential and advantages of tourism in each locality to attract and attract tourists.


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