Suoi Mo Cultural Park promotes investment in many entertainment items

19/01/2021 88 0

According to information from tourist resorts in Dong Nai, in order to serve tourists in the upcoming Lunar New Year, the units have actively renovated the interior scene, invested in, expanded and upgraded a number of items waiting for translation. , open the door to welcome visitors. Thus, tourists inside and outside the province will have a new experience at the tourist resorts of Dong Nai.

Typically, at Suoi Mo Cultural Park renovating and upgrading some areas so that when reopening, visitors will enjoy more scenes and better services. Suoi Mo's investments include promoting more entertainment services for tourism and real estate activities, divided into investment phases, mainly focusing on 4 main areas: static service area, dynamic service area, tourist service area - special resort and transit - operation area.

It is known that Suoi Mo cultural park is shaped to develop entertainment services, tourism and relaxation on water as well as on shore. After 3 years in operation, Suoi Mo is one of the three tourist resorts with the highest number of tourists in Dong Nai province.

Thanh Xuan

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