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Dong Nai has many advantages in developing eco-tourism, especially ecotourism associated with orchards in districts such as Tan Phu, Vinh Cuu, Xuan Loc, An Phuoc - Nhon Trach ... Especially At present, Long Khanh has gradually become famous for outstanding garden tourist destinations such as Thac Da fruit garden, Ut Tieu fruit garden, Be Big fruit garden, Hai Chanh fruit garden, Uncle Tong ... Associated with traditional craft villages that contain local cultural identities suitable for ecotourism development, receive a lot of attention from visitors inside and outside the province.


In addition to providing tourism products for visitors to specialty fruit gardens such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, grapefruit ... "garden tour" is known as an ideal destination for tourists. guests, especially foreigners when coming to Dong Nai.


Considered a relatively new type that many domestic and foreign tourists choose to come to the garden in addition to enjoying the fresh air, enjoying ripe fruits in the garden. Or manually choose the most delicious fruits to take home as gifts for loved ones, the visitors are also homeowners fruit orchards serving rustic dishes, bold country flavor.


It can be said that eco-orchard tourism in Dong Nai promises that this will be an attractive tourist destination for tourists, especially those who love to explore and experience. 

Thu Trang

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