Backpacking Vietnam in the top of summer travel experiences

20/07/2022 191 0

Recently, the prestigious US travel magazine Travel + Leisure has suggested 20 classic summer experiences that everyone should do once in their life. These are adventurous, inspiring experiences that cannot be perceived by just looking at a postcard. Backpacking in Southeast Asia is one of the suggestions, including Vietnam.

According to Travel+Leisure, backpacking in Southeast Asia is one of the suggestions. Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam are destinations that receive the attention of many tourists. When coming here, visitors will have a true adventure with rich experiences such as cooking lessons, temple visits, elephant-friendly tours, ...

Travel+Leisure also praises cheap Vietnamese backpacking, for budget travelers. Prices of food, hotels, entertainment activities are much lower than in Western countries. Accordingly, the cost of a day in Vietnam costs less than 20 USD, about 450,000 VND.

In addition, Travel+Leisure also suggests some summer vacations with other backpacking trips such as enjoying the sweet life in Italy, hiking, surfing, wine tasting in New York, joining a safari tour in the South. Africa, wandering Europe by train...


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