Benefits of forest eco-tourism for children

29/07/2020 155 0

“Kidscamp - Nature Discovery” is a picnic program for children aged 6-14 organized by Dong Nai Nature-Cultural Reserve that attracts a large number of children and parents to participate.

The program is designed to help children connect with nature, family, friends, stimulate curiosity, develop independence, dynamism, creativity and develop children's thinking with exciting activities such as biking through the forest to the island or experience walking more than 6km in the Ma Da protective forest, visiting the relics of war zone D, visiting the 100ha crockery orange garden in Hieu Liem commune ... Here they are trained some life skills and adaptability to natural forests, learn about the history of our two heroic resistance wars, experience the lives of rural farmers, realize the importance of forests and ways of protecting forests

For children in the city, exploring the surrounding nature is very difficult. Therefore, through this field trip, she also learned a number of skills such as life skills, she loves to observe trees and animals that, if only in school, do not have the opportunity like So, I really want to let the children participate in practical experience activities like this with the expectation that after the exhausting studying days, they will be able to relax, satisfy their passion, be trained in health, be taught soft skills such as communication, independence, more confident in life

Discovering the surrounding world not only helps children develop physically and intellectually but also helps them increase their ability to integrate and adapt to the natural environment more easily. Therefore, creating conditions for children to explore the world around them is essential, very useful tours are needed.


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