Building a map of Vietnamese cuisine

10/08/2022 1262 0

Recognizing the great potential and the desire to contribute to the preservation, promotion and enhancement of this unique heritage, the Vietnam Culinary Culture Association (VCCA) officially announced the project "Building and developing Vietnamese culinary culture to become a national brand in the period of 2022 - 2024. The activity is considered as a connecting rope, promoting the development between the three branches of culture - cuisine - tourism.

In which, in the period of 2022, the project is expected to collect a database of 300 typical Vietnamese dishes and select 100 unique local culinary dishes, which are recognized by the Professional Council of VCCA. In the period of 2023, the project collects data of 1,000 culinary dishes and develops it into a collection of Vietnamese culinary data from processed ingredients, standards and processing methods, content and form from prices. intrinsic value to the external value of culinary dishes.

Particularly in the period of 2024, the Project will convert the number of databases into a Vietnamese Culinary Map, and more realistically aim to build a 3D virtual reality-oriented Vietnam Culinary Museum and a Culinary Museum. actually serve tourists if interested in the provinces, cities and investors in the future. Along with that, the project selects typical and unique dishes with high popularity of regions to build a start-up economic model, creating a premise for the young generation and potential investors in and around the world. foreign countries cooperate, bring Vietnamese cuisine to develop more on the world map.

This is considered a stepping stone to bring Vietnamese brands to the world through culinary culture, promote national competition, and develop Vietnam's economy. The collection of data on Vietnamese culture, honoring the preservation of Vietnamese culinary culture and developing it into a national brand is necessary in the present time.

Thu Trang

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