Bustling ripe strawberry season

03/07/2020 238 0

Around the fifth lunar month is the time when the strawberry season is ripe, at this time the whole ripe golden strawberry tree covers the body and branches. The growers become more bustling by harvesting strawberries and welcoming visitors to the strawberry garden

An Phuoc commune (Long Thanh district) and Phu Hoi, Long Tan (Nhon Trach district) is famous for its fruit-laden mulberry gardens, the fruit is nearly the size of a chicken egg, when ripe is light yellow and when enjoyed there is The taste is slightly sour and the bar is unforgettable

People here are always proud to have preserved the strawberry roots for decades. Currently, the area of growing strawberries is increasing due to the hard-working strawberry brand here. In recent years, strawberry growers have not only focused on growing strawberries for business, but also have the idea of connecting with other gardeners to organize a sightseeing tour to enjoy strawberries, other fruit trees and folk dishes. Hick.

The mulberry garden with dense fruit is covered from the root to the branches to form long clusters, falling like a curtain to make visitors admire. Not only that, visitors can pick the fruits they like and enjoy right in the garden. The strawberry has a slightly sour taste mixed with sweetness also contributes to "cool down" between hot weather.


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