Change the taste with dishes made from cashews

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The dishes from cashew nuts are probably too familiar to everyone, but the dish made from cashew fruit will certainly be strange to many people. But few people know that cashews can not only process delicious and strange dishes, but also nutritious and have good nutritional value for health.

Cashew fruit, also known as a seeded peach. However, unlike fruit trees, there are two types of real cashews: real fruit and fake fruit stick together. We can use cashews to make salads or cook sour soup

Cashew chicken salad is one of the most delicious dishes because the sourness of cashews mixed with the sweetness of chicken creates a different taste. You may not be used to it at first, but gradually you will be attracted to the chopsticks. With the ingredients of ripe cashews, chicken and accompanying spices, according to the recipe of the salad mix, you will have a very delicious and strange dish. This salad is served with sweet and sour fish sauce and grilled rice paper (rice paper) or shrimp puff pastry. Cashew fruit has a mild sour taste, mixed with other spices, so it is cool, easy to eat, stimulates digestion and is good for health.

Cashew sour soup is also very attractive, whoever eats it will hardly be able to forget the taste. This dish is prepared with fresh shrimp along with accompanying spices. The soup has a magical aroma, both sour and sweet like melting in the mouth, enjoyed with hot rice very delicious. Suitable as a weekend dish for the family to cool off on hot days. 


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