Training Program to deploy Vietnam Tourism Switchboard 1039

23/04/2021 184 0

Recently, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has organized a training program on how to deploy the Vietnam Tourism Switchboard 1039 and the smart travel portal VTV Travel. Through the professional training program, the trainees will have an overview of the smart tourism portal VTVTravel will be officially deployed in the near future; grasp the purpose, scale and functions of the Vietnam Tourism Switchboard 1039. From there, it is possible to deploy operations of receiving and processing information of tourists as soon as the system is officially launched. during the implementation of communication to the local switchboard.

Vietnam Tourism Switchboard 1039 was built and deployed for the purpose of providing information, assisting tourists, receiving and processing tourist feedback in all provinces / cities of Vietnam to improve improve service quality, improve the tourism environment and contribute to improving the competitiveness of Vietnam's tourism.

Accordingly, the putting into operation of the Vietnam Tourist Switchboard 1039 in the whole country with the overall management of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism will contribute to the best support for tourists when traveling, in With international tourists coming to Vietnam, providing information and assistance will give the impression of a safe and friendly destination for tourists when traveling.

Nguyen Yen

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