Dong Nai tourism promotion activities in 2022

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In the past years, tourism promotion and promotion activities and tourism investment attraction activities have been implemented with a focus, focus, on the potentials and strengths of the province's key tourist zones and spots and certain effect. In order for visitors to know the natural beauty and cultural heritage values ​​​​of the land of Bien Hoa - Dong Nai, participating in promotion conferences, exhibitions, and tourism fairs at home and abroad is fully exploited by the tourism industry such as participating in: Ho Chi Minh City International Tourism Fair ITE, Vietnam International Tourism Fair - VITM Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival... no This is only an opportunity to build a brand and promote Dong Nai tourism image, but also to help tourism businesses in the province update information about services, introduce products, and promote the image of their customers. Position yourself and find partners, sign business contracts and exchange guests between related parties.

Dong Nai tourism industry has promoted tourism development linkages, especially cooperation in tourism promotion activities with various forms such as: promoting propaganda, promote and introduce the land, people, culture, history, tourism potential of Dong Nai province to a large number of tourists inside and outside the province; attract and call potential investors to research and invest in tourism development projects in the province. Along with that, it is necessary to renew and improve the quality and effectiveness of tourism promotion and promotion activities in the coming time in association with the application of information technology, and at the same time overcome shortcomings and limitations in tourism. promote and promote tourism in recent years.

Dong Nai also focuses on propagating, introducing and promoting Dong Nai tourism on the mass media (promoting Dong Nai tourism through led screens at the airport, bus and train stations, etc.) and social networking application platforms, editing and publishing publications promoting Dong Nai tourism. Accordingly, in 2022, the Center for Tourism Promotion will organize a famtrip and presstrip program on Dong Nai tourism. In which, press agencies and localities are invited; travel companies and businesses inside and outside the province come to visit and learn about the province's tourist areas, spots and products to receive comments, evaluations as well as propose solutions to help promote the potential. , the strength of local tourism from which to build and design new tours and routes to enrich tourism products and suit the trends and tastes of tourists.

Thu Trang

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