Contest to create the logo of War Zone D at Dong Nai Nature - Cultural Reserve

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D zone is considered as a center of resistance, the birthplace of the armed forces in the Southeast region, which created great victories and contributed greatly to the nation's glorious victory in the resistance. war against France and against America. Through so many hardships and ups and downs, War Zone D has entered history as a brilliant symbol of Vietnamese revolutionary heroism.

Towards the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the Eastern Party Area Base (1961-2021), Dong Nai Nature-Culture Preserve organized the Contest to compose the symbol of War Zone D. To date, the Organizing Committee has received 17 sketches of 13 authors who are painters, sculptors inside and outside the province. The symbol of War Zone D includes monuments and reliefs built at the junction of three roads to the relics: the Central of the Southern Department, the Southeastern Party Committee, Suoi Linh Tunnels. Symbolic symbols are erected in large spaces, visitors can move around to see, learn about the different angles and meanings of the work.

According to the Reserve, the construction of the D War Zone logo is worthy of an important historical site. Because the logo is a unified, typical body, highlighting the historical significance of the location, the role of War Zone D in revolution, the will to fight, the sacrifice of the father; harmony - development between nature and people. At the same time, preserving and promoting the historical and cultural values of the relics and traditional education for generations, towards the good, the good, and the beautiful.

Currently, the Art Council has selected 7 sketches to attend the second round. However, in order for the sketches to be more complete, the organizers need to get more comments from the former leaders of the province, the senior officials who have worked in War Zone D. From there there is a summary, sent to the authors so that the authors can make edits to complete the work.

Thu Trang

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