Country soul in a four-body shirt

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Through many events, ups and downs in history, the traditional costumes of Vietnamese women have changed in each period of history. In addition to the traditional ao dai of Vietnamese women that everyone knows, there are costumes in each region with its own characteristics. If in the South there is a charming bra of the south, the people in the North have a four-piece shirt that contains the country soul and is associated with the history of the country and is also one of the traditional costumes Vietnamese women.

Appeared in the 1920-1930s of the 20th century, the image of a four-piece shirt with a sport cap and a raven scarf made the old Vietnamese woman very graceful and graceful. A four-piece shirt is a dress that falls below the knee from the neck. The shirt is made from many pieces of fabric, so there are many colors. 
In the past, Vietnamese people often chose young brown or old brown for their clothes. The shirt consists of two flaps, four flaps, no buttons and two sleeves to thread on when wearing. Inside is wearing a camisole, which can be a built bib or a swallow. The wearer uses a waist belt, the front flaps are tied and hung down in front to make the woman more slim and easier to move. The shirt is usually worn with a skirt or black pants. That's enough to be able to both work and mess around. In the past, the four-piece blouse was used as the daily dress of the northern woman until a different outfit was changed. 

There are many types of four-body shirts, but often people find the four-body shirt that is left loose or tied in the field, in the fields, or at the market ..., while the three-piece clothes are often chosen by women to do. predestined in festivals and cult. The four-body shirt has many profound meanings on human life and sentiment, with the four bodies representing the father and mother, the two fronts tied together symbolizing the affection of husband and wife. together.

Nowadays, it is common to see the four-piece robes only during festivals or events. Even so, the foursome was not so that it was not widely known. The image of the four-body shirt with the crow's scarf and the conical hat is still preserved and affirms the cultural values ​​of the ancient Kinh Bac region through the Lim Festival, singing their charm. ... very attractive to viewers, especially the four-piece shirt has become strange, attracting foreign visitors to all feel excited. For Vietnamese women, when wearing a four-piece shirt, singing the songs of the mandarins of the family, reciprocating on the river ... is like finding the roots, finding the soul of the country, the features of the old people, how familiar this life has been associated with the historical length of the country



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