Discover the wild beauty of An Vien waterfall

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Dong Nai is blessed with many beautiful waterfalls by nature. There are waterfalls with natural and unspoiled beauty, but there are also waterfalls that have been exploited by humans into artificial waterfalls, but each waterfall has its own beauty and attraction.

An Vien waterfall in Binh An commune, Long Thanh district (Dong Nai) is a natural waterfall that many people have not known. The waterfall is located on Highway 51 Bien Hoa - Vung Tau, will be an interesting stop for tours to Vung Tau.

The name of the waterfall is also the name of a rubber farm in Long Thanh district. To reach the waterfall, visitors have to pass a large rubber forest. However, the waterfall is located not far from residential areas. Visitors come here to visit, wash their face with cool waterfall water will help dispel fatigue on the long way. In addition, visitors can also buy fruits at the gardens of An Vien - Binh Son - Loc An communes to enjoy.

In the rainy season, the water here swirls to form a boiling lake at the foot of the waterfall and continues to flow into the forest. Around the waterfall is a forest of rustling rubber leaves. Visitors can mingle with nature, breathe in the fresh, cool air of nature, listen to the clear sounds of running water and the whispering wind of the rubber forest like soothing love songs. helps the soul become refreshed, the fatigue seems to have disappeared.


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