Dong Nai organizes a training course on Hotel Reception

02/07/2020 351 0

In order to improve the quality of tourism human resources, to meet the requirements of serving tourists, especially the special management and administration. On the morning of July 1, 2020, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Dong Nai province organized a training course on hotel reception in 2020 for tourist accommodation establishments in the province.

Attending the training course, there were more than 40 students from accommodation units, tourist resorts and tourist attractions in the province. Students will be instructed on the necessary knowledge and skills of a hotel receptionist such as: Presenting the workflow of the receptionist; grasp the principles of dealing with common situations of reception; manipulation process of check-in and check-out according to the professional standards of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism; evaluate the criteria of hotel rooms meeting the clean and beautiful standards; equip more knowledge on communication and customer care; aware of the role of the receptionist, in the business of the hotel; Friendly attitude, fun, gracious.

Through this class, students will be able to re-organize the receptionist's basic knowledge and skills according to the Vietnam Tourism Occupational Standards and improve the professional skills of the receptionist. , meet the needs of tourists. At the same time, create conditions for officials and employees at tourist accommodation business establishments, tourist resorts and tourist sites to study and exchange experiences, thus contributing to the improvement of tourism business efficiency. and build beautiful images in the hearts of visitors.

At the end of the course, students will be granted a certificate if they ensure that the class time and the final exam meet the requirements, and master the skills and knowledge to best serve tourists.

Thanh Xuan

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