Golf course investment project, resort tourism at Da Ton Lake

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In fact, for many years, Dong Nai has also been opening its doors, inviting large investors who are able to exploit and promote the strengths of tourism for the locality. Vinh Cuu district has 22 proposed projects, the total land area for tourism is over 8.1 thousand hectares. In which, the development of tourist zones and spots is focused with 13 zones and spots, with a total area of ​​over 600 hectares. Some tourist attractions attract the attention of investors such as: Safari semi-wild animal park (over 400ha); nurseries and medicinal gardens in the Southeast; sports park, Dong Nai aviation ... connected with the planning areas of tourism and resort development, golf course...

In order to promote the development of local tourism as well as create linkages, the district has built roads connecting Da Ton Lake with other landmarks such as Cat Tien National Park, the road to National Highway 20... and Ho Da Ton is considered a place with a rather favorable location, creating a highlight for Dong Nai tourism. With the goal of prioritizing the development of eco-tourism, creating a breakthrough in the coming time, tourism development will be a priority. one of the breakout missions. To accomplish the above goal, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is advising the province to issue a thematic resolution on tourism development. Therefore, with the proposal to invest in a residential project, eco-tourism, and sport resort in Da Ton Lake is one of the projects in the tourism development strategy of the province.

Accordingly, the golf course and resort investment project at Da Ton Lake - Tan Phu has a total project scale of about 1,332 hectares, located in the area of two communes: Thanh Son and Phu An (Tan Phu district). ). In which, phase 1 of about 786ha is planned to develop a tourist resort complex, a golf course, a villa area, an urban tourist residential area, an amusement park. The goal of the project is to build a high-class resort, fitness, sports and entertainment tourism complex with various types of tourism services combined with a tourist service urban area and an ecological urban area. to create international tourism infrastructure.

It is known that the investment project of a complex, tourism and resort complex with a scale of over 1,300 hectares in Da Ton Lake area in Thanh Son and Phu An communes, Tan Phu district. However, up to now, FLC Group has proposed to Dong Nai Provincial People's Committee to allow an additional 173ha of land in Phu Xuan commune and over 36ha of reinforced water surface area to be added to the research boundary, creating a seamless lake landscape with projects.

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