Experience 5-star service at The Mira Central Park

18/09/2020 171 0

Located in the center of Bien Hoa City, The Mira Central Park is the only 5-star hotel in Dong Nai, bringing a whole new concept of Dong Nai's tourist services to tourists. 

Coming to The Mira Central Park, visitors will not be able to ignore the perfect chain of utilities branded The Mira Central Park present in the hotel. Park Avenue restaurant is designed in luxurious and modern architectural style; Clear view towards swimming pool and can accommodate up to 120 guests. With a team of reputable chefs, working experience in the standard 5-star restaurant environment gives diners a completely different aftertaste.

In addition, the high-class accommodation service bearing the imprint of Vietnamese quintessence in the overall luxury and modern interior, the hotel converges private and sophisticated services in luxurious and comfortable rooms. with luxurious and classy service experiences with a series of worthy activities and especially for the guests.

Besides, The Mira Central Park has long been the place chosen by many couples to hold weddings. With a central location, delicious food and professional service. At the same time, the wedding space is splendid, dreamy and no less warm and luxurious.

With an open space, the Coffee Lounge possesses an open space filled with light. Arranged with luxurious and smooth salons, this is not only a check-in / check-out place but also an ideal place for partner meetings, intimate chat or relaxing. The facilities include a peaceful green swimming pool, gym, spa with attentive services, promising to bring a great experience for visitors.

Thu Trang

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