Golden Sand Bay Suoi Mo Park - Interesting destination

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Golden Cat Bay is a project that Suoi Mo Resort focuses on deploying and put into operation during the 2021 Lunar New Year to stimulate demand for the Dong Nai tourism market as well as the Tan Phu area. Cat Vang Bay has a scale of 10 thousand m2, total investment capital of more than 5 billion VND.

It can be said that the Golden Cat Bay artificial beach is an interesting, unique and novel place of entertainment and sightseeing in Dong Nai with always clear blue lake water, yellow sand carpet, green trees and check-in photo spots. -in serving tourists

A relaxing day in the week, please bring your family here to enjoy the moments of reunion or freely explore the endless nature here, Suoi Mo Park is suitable for all ages: children. In the shallow water level area, adults are passionate about water sports activities, canoeing on the lake, water biking, freely watching the fragile aquatic plants bending along the water, the elderly relax by the lake. Lotus or tranquility under the root of old banyan, feel the cold slowly from the afternoon.

Not only refreshing with Cat Cat Bay artificial beach, visitors also have interesting experiences here. The spring water here is quite special, the water is exploited from the underground water, the small streams weave through the rocky ravines, pour into the cool lake bed and can see the algae growing up from the water. very beautiful, not like cold water treated simply like other lakes and streams.

Dong Nai Dream Stream is an extremely ideal choice, enjoying the feeling of freshness, freshness, complete relaxation ... and suitable for money is what visitors will feel when arriving at Suoi Mo resort. in the first days of the year.

Thu Trang

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