Impressive scenery of the homeland Phu Dien Dong Nai

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Phu Dien commune is located about 10km south of the center of Tan Phu district (Dong Nai), the natural area of the commune is over 2 thousand hectares, of which agricultural land is over 1.6 thousand hectares. Due to the flat terrain, Phu Dien is favorable for the economic development of rice agriculture. However, in recent years, farmers in Phu Dien commune have chosen low-lying fields to convert rice to lotus cultivation, creating a special impression on the homeland, attracting many tourists to visit. breathtaking.

Coming to Phu Dien commune, visitors can ask directions to the lotus fields of immense flowers. Due to the suitable soil, planted lotus grows well. Currently, Phu Dien commune has more than ten hectares of lotus fields. Having the opportunity to check-in in the countryside scenery in Phu Dien, visitors are fascinated, thinking they are lost in the lotus field, special rocks lying among the fields next to the rice fields and lotus fields. creating a completely different country picture.

Not only impressed by the lotus flower or the rice fields, Phu Dien also attracts many young people in the region as well as tourists to visit by large rocks lying among the fields, which are recently quite famous online. society with names such as: cross stone, five talent stone, elephant stone ... and many small rocks all over the fields.

If there are no plans for the spring tour in the first year of the year, Phu Dien promises to be a safe and new destination for tourists. This place is considered as a tourist destination attracting a large number of tourists by many charming, poetic scenery, village scenery to create peace for visitors on weekends.

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