Local specialties - Long Khanh forest bitter melon

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Forest bitter melon, also known as forest bitter melon, is often used as a delicious and nutritious dish. Forest bitter melon is not only used as folk remedies to help clear heat, detoxify, prevent diabetes and stabilize blood sugar, help the spirit to relax, lose weight, and sedation, but also become a special feature. products in today's meals.

Perhaps everyone has used the dishes made from bitter melon, the most popular ones are whole bitter melon stewed with minced meat or salted water fish, sliced bitter melon stir-fried with beef, sliced bitter melon and eaten chilled with cotton meat, thinly sliced bitter melon and fried eggs... are foods that are both delicious and nutritious. There are also some people who cannot stand the bitter taste of bitter melon, but many people who eat it are very addicted. Not only cooking salty dishes with fish and meat, people also make bitter melon jam. Jam and bitter gourd tea are two popular dishes.

As a forest leaf that only grows in the rainy season, it has a very bitter taste, but the more you eat it, the more you feel the sweet and rich flavor. Forest bitter melon grows in natural conditions. Therefore, they will not need fertilizers or other chemicals. So, forest bitter melon is relatively safe and very good for health, used by many people.

In Dong Nai, dishes made from bitter melon are famous in the land of Long Khanh. Although the dishes are very rustic and familiar to the people, they are new and especially for visitors when they first come here. Listed in the list of famous rustic dishes in Dong Nai, bitter melon leaf hotpot is an ideal dish for those who love hot pot dishes. A long day when touring the land of Dong Nai and enjoying the hot, delicious forest bitter melon hotpot will surely conquer any fastidious diners.


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