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03/09/2020 215 0

Dong Nai is rated in the top 10 destinations with the fastest increasing number of tourists booking through the website in recent years. Nowadays, smart travel with online data platforms, connecting solutions, and organizations is becoming more and more attractive and convenient for visitors.

With the aim of building a smart tourism system of the province is to make smart tourism a part of smart city construction, in order to improve management capacity, quality and efficiency of economic activities - society ... At the same time, contributing to creating digital space, building Dong Nai as a safe - friendly - quality - attractive tourist destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Over the past year, travel applications and websites have attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. Although still in the process of completing, initially the applications and this website have promoted efficiency, creating interaction between tourists and businesses, travel managers.

Accordingly, through the established applications, the units can introduce their tourist attractions, information about preferential policies, and timely tourism products to tourists. In addition, visitors can consult in advance on electronic devices, see the reviews of previous visitors to decide, choose a suitable place to play.

In response to this general development trend, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has implemented the Smart Tourism Construction Project of Dong Nai province for the period of 2019-2023, building a smart database system for the tourism industry. with information and communication technology applications to increase the connection of information and data, improve the experience for residents and visitors, creating conditions for businesses to promote their products. This is also the premise towards building not only smart tourism but also contributing to perfecting the smart urban model.

Thu Trang

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