Proposal to recognize Dong Nai Nature and Culture Reserve as an ASEAN Heritage Park

29/06/2021 872 0

Dong Nai Nature - Culture Reserve is a forest with a typical forest ecosystem of the Southeast region, with many species of wildlife, including many rare and endangered species located in the area. Vietnam Red List and IUCN World Red List. With the goal of restoring the biodiversity of native natural forest ecosystems in the Dong Nai river basin and the Southeast region. The reserve has made great efforts in restoring and protecting nature and biodiversity, creating a large nature reserve connected to Cat Tien National Park, conserving the habitat and migration of people. wild animals. At the same time, combine nature conservation with the conservation and promotion of cultural and historical values ​​of the relics located in the Conservation Area so that this place not only has a diversity of ecosystems but also a a place of education and promotion of revolutionary traditions. 

With the above values, Dong Nai is preparing a dossier to submit to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to request the ASEAN Heritage Park Program to recognize Dong Nai Nature-Cultural Conservation Area as an ASEAN Heritage Park. ASEAN Heritage Parks are most appreciated for their importance in terms of conservation and maintenance of ecological processes and life support systems; conservation of genetic diversity; ensure the sustainability of ecosystems; maintain wilderness areas of value for scenic beauty, culture, education, research, recreation and tourism.

Being recognized as a heritage garden will open up many opportunities for cooperation and investment between Dong Nai and international organizations on nature conservation. In order for Dong Nai to continue to put its name on the map of heritage and tourism in the region and the world, becoming an attractive destination for tourists, scientific researchers aim to discover nature and biodiversity. as well as cultural and historical values.


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