Recorded the number of tourists coming to Dong Nai during New Year's Day 2021

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According to statistics from tourist areas in the province, in 3 weekends and New Year's Day 2021, tourist spots in the province welcome about 60,000 tourists to visit. Some attractions in the city, on the occasion of the New Year's Day holiday in 2021, the number of tourists coming to tourist destinations is also quite bustling such as: Buu Long tourist site welcomes about 6,000 visitors, Giang Dien waterfall tourist site is near 4 thousand guests, Suoi Mo tourist site over 3 thousand guests ...

In addition, in response to the tourism stimulus program, accommodation and tourist services have reduced the price of bedrooms and services by 15-30% ... Some resorts have invested in declaring waterfall a number of new games such as: snow paradise, Bali heaven gate, lan island, spring bridge, infinity bridge (Buu Long tourist site); flower field, Golden Cat Bay (Suoi Mo Resort); Giang Dien Waterfall tourist area invested in renovating landscape and some services in the tourist area (pinwheel hill, Japanese hill garden). During the Covid-19 epidemic prevention time, the tourist sites and destinations have regularly propagated and reminded tourists to raise their awareness of epidemic prevention and keep a safe distance.

In particular, the provincial tourism industry has also organized many tourism promotion and promotion programs such as: Implementing and publishing Dong Nai Tourism News, participating in Vietnam International Tourism Fair (VITM) in Ha. Noi, join Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Festival; propagate Dong Nai tourism on websites of Dong Nai culture, sports and tourism and social networking sites ... strengthen links and cooperation with localities, units and businesses. business to form tours, intra-provincial tourist routes with diversified, diversified, competitive products to attract and attract tourists in the coming time.

Thu Trang

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