Surprisingly, the rubber forest in the season of changing leaves

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In the midst of the spring sky in the first days of the year, the travelers' footsteps seemed to be attracted by the enchanting rubber trees changing leaves. In Dong Nai, currently there are more than 35,000 hectares of rubber, which is one of the provinces with the largest rubber area in the country.

From late November to February next year, the rubber forests in Cam My, Long Thanh, Xuan Loc, Trang Bom, Nhon Trach in the first days of the new year are surprisingly beautiful in the season of changing leaves. Not only delighted to capture beautiful pictures in the poetic space, but also hear the birds chirping, the rustling of leaves in the spring sky.

Around this time, the ground seemed to be covered with a very smooth carpet, the trees were scattered with yellow leaves, red leaves mixed with green leaves. Whenever there is a passing breeze, the yellow leaves fall and flutter in the wind, making the scenery here become romantic and romantic. Many people have been heartbroken by these poetic scenes like "autumn and west" right here in Vietnam.

In early spring, stray south, visitors will admire the very wonderful sight of rubber forest changing leaves. The trees are so tall, flat, and full of colorful blouses. The tree-lined path with three leaf colors exudes a special attraction to passers-by, bringing in poetic feelings in spring. The stretched rubber forests are as beautiful as a vivid picture, green leaves, yellow sunshine, brown earth, if you look from a distance, you will see colors like merging, immense and deep as leading visitors into romantic scene.

Thu Trang

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