The hallmarks of Nguyen Van Tri - Xuan Tan Suu Flower Street 2021

19/02/2021 101 0

To celebrate the Party Congress of Bien Hoa City, the Party Congress of Dong Nai province and towards the XIII National Congress of the Party and the 5-year anniversary of the Nguyen Van Tri New Year celebration.

With the theme "Celebrate the Party, celebrate the spring, celebrate the development of Bien Hoa towards a civilized and modern industrial city", the flower street is decorated with 5 central scenes and 23 small scenes of 600m in length designed with It is expected to bring to the people and visitors the face of a vibrant, dynamic, prosperous city in harmony with the core cultural values.

Besides, there are cultural and artistic activities to support flower road such as: street art performance; a ceramic gallery with a folk food and game area. The flower road is designed to stretch on Nguyen Van Tri route, the section from Dong Nai People's Committee to Hoa An bridge with a total length of about 1,100m.

Besides, to celebrate the Party, celebrate Spring and New Year festivals in the province, take place to ensure safety, create a joyful and exciting atmosphere among all classes of people, prevention and control of epidemics. Covid-19 remains at the fore. Propagate and campaign to raise awareness and responsibility of all levels, branches, people and visitors to strictly observe the regulations on festival organization. To step up the propagation of measures to prevent and control epidemics Covid-19. In the first days of the New Year of Tan Suu 2021, many tourists came to visit and take souvenir photos at Nguyen Van Tri flower street, Tran Bien Temple ... In which, most visitors obeyed wearing masks and to ensure a safe distance according to the requirements for prevention and control of disease Covid-19.

Thu Trang

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