The ichLinks project on building an intangible cultural heritage information sharing platform

04/06/2021 135 0

The ichLinks platform has been officially launched with sample intangible cultural heritage data of 7 member countries Vietnam, Mongolia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, Fiji... IchLinks members are the core representatives of the operation and operation of this platform

IchLinks ( is a long-term project, officially implemented from 2020 with the main activity of developing a platform system for sharing information on non-cultural heritage. objects in the Asia-Pacific region with advanced search, browsing and information management features.

IchLinks stores more than 1,000 data, content and information on the Intangible Cultural Heritage  of member countries including images, video, audio, text on heritage sites and search and presentation features. Advanced browsing and information management. The platform also provides related services and topical content such as travel, exhibitions, photo books and events.

Accordingly, participating in this project will contribute to the promotion of Vietnam's intangible cultural heritage, and at the same time bring development benefits through partnerships in the industry. culture, creativity, bringing positive effects to countries. It also makes it possible to organize live cultural, tourism and creative activities and events based on intangible cultural heritage content.

Thu Trang

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