UNWTO observed safe travel restart

04/09/2020 211 0

Recently, a brief report on the policy “COVID-19 and Transforming Tourism” (The Policy Brief “COVID-19 and Transforming Tourism”) was published. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) aims to urge governments to safely restart tourism.

The United Nations has been identified by the UNWTO about the threats posed by the COVID-19 epidemic, such as the loss of tens of millions of direct jobs in the global tourism industry, the loss of opportunities for people and vulnerable communities. who benefit from tourism and risk losing important resources to protect natural and cultural heritage around the world.

According to the UNWTO, diversification will gradually replace reliance on a major sector as before and help maximize profits from a variety of sources. In addition, tourism habits of tourists are forecast to change a lot in the coming time, so researching and solving consumer behaviors will also contribute positively to helping the tourism industry return.

In Vietnam, the domestic tourism industry is still in a stagnant phase. Although many businesses have high hopes on opening up the international tourism market to recover their business activities, they believe that it is difficult to have good signals in the short term. Therefore, the short and near home trips will be the first choice because of fear of translation. This means domestic tourists will be a need to target the tourism industry.

Thanh Xuan

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