Waking up in the clouds of Chua Chan mountain

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Chua Chan Mountain, also known as De De Thien Son, is the second highest mountain in the South, after Ba Den mountain. With an altitude of 837m above sea level and a slope of 30-35 degrees, this mountain is sometimes a vertical cliff. This is a charming, unique landscape in Dong Nai and a rare sight in the South.

The mountain has an arc shape consisting of three consecutive hills like an upturned bowl. The mountain is majestic, towering; in the morning, the mountain glows green under the light sun; in the evening, the mountain stood over the gray sky; October, the mountain shimmered in the fog along with the white clouds hovering, enveloping the mountain.

If you want to try a trekking trip before conquering famous places like Ta Nang Phan Dung, Pole Dong ..., the destination at Chua Chan mountain resort is the most suitable route. Chua Chan Mountain (also known as Gia Ray, Gia Lao) is only about 3 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City (110km) and about 4 hours walk to reach the top. The mountain terrain is quite rich with fresh year-round streams hidden under immense trees, flowing water never runs out, romantic reed grass forest and a clear view.

The journey to discover Chua Chan mountain, although less than 15km, takes visitors through many different magical scenes to come to unique experience roads. Especially early in the morning on Chua Chan Mountain, if you are lucky you can hunt a sea of clouds without having to go very far. Watching the scenery of clouds cover like a pure, soft white silk will bring us moments of peace. From here, you zoom out to observe the majestic mountains and forests. When looking down, the village landscape is minimized, creating a wonderful natural picture.

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