Cuộc thi và triển lãm ảnh Di sản văn hóa toàn quốc

04/06/2021 42 0

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (VHTTDL) has just issued Decision No. 1618/QD-BVHTTDL on organizing the first national cultural heritage photo contest and exhibition.

With the theme "Tangible Cultural Heritage in Vietnam", the national cultural heritage photo contest and exhibition - the first time is an activity towards Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day (November 23), aiming to searching for valuable photographic works, typical of types of tangible cultural heritage in Vietnam (historical - cultural relics, architecture - art and scenic spots). Contribute to the promotion of cultural, scientific, historical and aesthetic values of cultural heritage in general and tangible cultural heritage in particular to Vietnamese people and international friends.

The organizers will receive the contest photos until the end of September 30, 2021, the Jury Council will judge and select quality works to award prizes and organize exhibitions. The award ceremony and photo exhibition are scheduled to take place in November 2021 in Hanoi.

Typical works will be selected for the exhibition and photo book with the theme "Tangible cultural heritage in Vietnam", published on the media and propaganda materials on protection and development activities. value cultural heritage.

Nguyen Yen

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