Issue the Action Plan to implement Resolution No. 82/NQ-CP

03/08/2023 1727 0

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Decision 1746/Decision - Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism dated 6/7/2023 on promulgating action plan to implement Resolution No. 82/NQ -CP dated May 18, 2023 of the Government on the main tasks and solutions to accelerate the recovery and accelerate the effective and sustainable tourism development.

Accordingly, the tasks carried out by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism include: Disseminate, thoroughly implement the implementation of Resolution No. 82; Promote the restructuring of the tourism industry towards professionalism, modernity, quality and sustainability; Continue to create favorable conditions to attract international tourists to Vietnam; To increase attraction of investment in tourism development with focus, focus, focus on national tourist areas; Product development and communication, tourism promotion and promotion; Support tourism business enterprises; Improve the quality of training and retraining of human resources; Accelerate the implementation of digital transformation, promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of tourism.

In addition, the Plan also sets out tasks to be implemented by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in coordination with the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Construction, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Education and Training, Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Transport and other ministries, branches, localities, Tourism Association Viet Nam's calendar.

Assign the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with units under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in organizing the implementation of the Plan; proactively urge ministries, branches and localities to implement the assigned tasks in Resolution No. 82. Heads of agencies and units under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism shall, based on their assigned functions and tasks, coordinate with the Department of Tourism. Vietnam National Calendar to implement the Plan to ensure on schedule and quality. The Departments of Tourism, the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the Departments of Culture and Sports of the provinces and centrally-run cities shall coordinate with the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and related units under the ministry in implementation of this plan in the area.

The Plan also requires that the implementation of the Plan must be drastic, proactive, substantive, quality and effective. Ensure close and regular coordination among relevant agencies and units in the implementation process. Based on the key tasks of the Plan, relevant units according to their functions and tasks to develop implementation plans, propose budget allocations and mobilize necessary resources to implement assigned tasks, ensure ensure progress, quality and efficiency.


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