Dong Nai is located in the southern region of the economic driving force, one of the provinces with developed industries with economic growth rate, ranked among the top of the country. In addition to industrial advantages, Dong Nai also has great strengths in tourism development, especially ecotourism.

Dong Nai tourism has been planned into 5 destinations, each of which has ecotourism spots of different sizes. The great ecotourism potential of Dong Nai is reflected in the relatively high density of the sites and resorts spread across the province. The whole province has more than 60 points, tourist sites, the ecotourism sites account for more than half.

Not only dominating in terms of quantity, Dong Nai's eco-tourism sites are also very rich, diverse in nature and biology such as: Dong Nai and La Nga tourism; Cu Lao Pho and Cu Lao Ba Xe tourist resorts; Tourist places of Mo stream, Reo stream, Cay Si stream, Nuoc Trong stream; tourist areas of Da Ton Lake and Hot Water Lake; tourist spots Mai waterfall, Troi waterfall, Giang Dien waterfall, Ba Giot waterfall; Cat Tien National Park tourist resort, Phuoc Thai Mangrove forest ...; Chua Chan mountain resort, Lake Le mountain. Therefore, it can be affirmed that Dong Nai has strengths to develop tourism.

Tran Bien Temple of Literature

The outstanding feature of Dong Nai's eco-tourism destinations is that it is both close to the tourism of the West of the river and the bold characteristic of the Southeast. Therefore, this is also one of the advantages to develop eco-tourism in Dong Nai, which in the process of tourism development will become a significant competitive advantage.

Another advantage is that besides the potential of eco-tourism, Dong Nai also has advantages in cultural and historical tourism. Some typical tourist destinations for this type are Tran Bien Temple of Literature, Nguyen Huu Canh Temple, Rung Sac martyrs, Khu D war, Hang Gon ancient tombs. Cultural and historical calendars interspersed with ecotourism sites, if combined, will create unique tourist populations.

The provincial People's Committee has a policy of prioritizing and encouraging investment and development of ecotourism in order to fully exploit the existing tourism potentials. From that orientation, Dong Nai tourism industry has been making great efforts in implementing the direction of the province, promoting the advantages of eco-tourism for sustainable tourism development.