Tri An - The low tide season in May

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Previously, pincer fish was rarely eaten by people but now has become a delicious specialty that is popular with many people. Pliers usually appear in March to April lunar calendar. When the Tri An Lake water level starts to rise, it is also the season of the pincers of adult pincers floating on the surface of the water whenever they meet the lights of fishermen.


It can be said that this is considered to be a bumper fishing season, fishermen catch the most pincer fishes compared to other months of the year. Pincers are low in bone, sweet and tough, in addition to fresh, pincer is also dried and used by many visitors when they come to Tri An.


In recent years, the industry of pliers of low-lying pliers began to thrive in Ben Nom 2 hamlet, Phu Cuong commune (Dinh Quan). The time when fish appear much is in the early rainy season when the water on the lake is not rising and only lasts about 3-4 waves in the first half of the rainy season. Therefore, the fishermen fishing on the lake are taking advantage of the opportunity to fish a lot, prolonging the fishing time to increase additional sources of compensation in the days of thunderstorms.


Pliers can be processed into many delicious and attractive dishes such as saucepan stew with turmeric, cook melon soup, dry salad mixed with raw mango ... but the most delicious dish is dried stewed pliers, fish with grilled pincers tamarind sauce. Nowadays, pincer stingray has become a famous specialty on Dong Nai land and is preferred by many people.

Thu Trang

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