Organizing the 3rd Long Khanh Fruit Festival in 2020

02/06/2020 5461 0

On re-appointment, Long Khanh city will organize the 3rd Long Khanh Fruit Festival in 2020 to introduce and promote local specialty fruits to tourists inside and outside the province. The festival will officially take place in 4 days, from June 3 to June 6, 2020.


Reportedly, this year the festival holds a grand scale with 60 stalls, including: 2 stalls exhibiting cultural achievements and tourism; tour connection information; 06 booths featured typical agricultural products and agricultural materials products in the area and 52 booths introduced models of garden ecotourism, connecting garden households and displaying fruits and agricultural products. local.


In addition, to join the Long Khanh Fruit Festival, visitors can also discover many unique contests such as the Model Garden Contest, the Art Fruit Arranging Contest, the Fruit Festival Marathon Photo Contest. Long Khanh tree. Especially, there are special nightly programs.


Over the past 2 years, the festival has achieved remarkable results, attracting a large number of visitors to enjoy a variety of specialty fruits of the most famous fruit area in Dong Nai province. It is also a meeting place for exchanging information between tourism businesses and gardeners to connect in introducing and bringing tourists to local tourist attractions.


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