Dong Nai Culture - Tourism - Cuisine Week 2020

02/12/2020 06/12/2020

Trung tâm Hội nghị và Tổ chức sự kiện tỉnh Đồng Nai (TP. Biên Hòa)

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Dong Nai Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism cooperates with related units to organize Dong Nai Culture - Tourism - Food Week at Dong Nai Conference and Event Center (Bien City) Draw) from December 2 to December 6, 2020.

At the same time, this is one of the typical travel events such as Tourism Festival, Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Fair, Vung Tau International Sea Festival, Binh Duong Food Festival, National Mountain-climbing Tournament conquered. Ba Ra peak, Dong Nai food tourism culture week ... will contribute to diversifying tourism activities in the content of the signing of an agreement on cooperation in tourism development in the Southeast region in the period of 2020 - 2025.

With the theme "Cultural space, culinary and tourism - Come and experience", the scale of more than 80 stalls, built with rich and diversified activities such as: Cultural space, cuisine, tourism between Dong Nai and other provinces; area introducing local cuisine and specialties; area of ​​tour introduction, destination, service, price, promotion, travel consultant ...; the seminar to talk about Dong Nai culture - cuisine; with folk games and cultural programs, nightly arts ...

In response to the second tourism stimulus program launched by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Dong Nai organized the second tourism stimulus program in 2020 with the theme: "Safe and attractive Dong Nai tourism". In the framework of the event, the travel and tourism agencies with tourist sites and hotels in the province will sign the contract to stimulate tourism demand reduction from 20% - 50% on the basis of guarantee the principle of price reduction but not quality reduction Continue to promote propaganda, promotion and introduction of promotions, customer incentives and gratitude in many forms, combined with application court civilized, ensure safety in the prevention and fight against epidemics,… so that Dong Nai is really a safe and attractive destination.

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