Restorative tourism

09/09/2022 14/01/2023

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Kỳ nghỉ lễ chào mừng Quốc khánh 2-9 kéo dài 4 ngày vừa khép lại cũng là thời điểm để ngành du lịch đánh giá lại mức độ phục hồi và xu hướng của thị trường du lịch sau đại dịch Covid-19.

Artificial beach, one of the items attracting visitors at Suoi Mo Tourist Area. Photo: Ngoc Lien

According to evaluation from a number of zones, spots, tourism enterprises (DN) in the province, the number of tourists has recovered, but it is still not equal to the time before the epidemic.

* Many positive signs

Deputy General Director of Suoi Mo Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company (Suoi Mo Tourist Area, Tan Phu District) Pham Chau An said, on the occasion of the 2-9 holiday, Suoi Mo Tourist Area (KDL) welcomed about 20,000 visitors. visitor. Besides the holiday, the summer months of 2022 are also an opportunity for KDL to record the market situation as well as customer travel trends to meet the needs of visitors.

Mr. Pham Chau An said that compared to the time before the epidemic (in 2019), the number of visitors to Suoi Mo has reached about 80%, most of them come in small groups.

In order to well serve the entertainment and sightseeing needs of tourists, KDL has invested and upgraded a number of water games and artificial beach areas. In particular, on the occasion of the 2-9 holiday, Suoi Mo organized cultural programs, free gifting bingo shows, attracting a large number of visitors to participate and get positive feedback.

According to Mr. Pham Chau An, after each peak season to welcome visitors, Suoi Mo KDL will have an overview of the KDL's activities in the past time to have a better direction to prepare for the year-end tourist season.

Recorded at some other tourist resorts in the province such as: The Amazing Bay water park (Son Tien Ecotourism Joint Stock Company), Buu Long, Vuon Mango ..., the number of tourists on the last 2-9 holiday has been The growth is quite good compared to the last 2 years affected by the Covid-19 epidemic.

As one of the tourist attractions that came into operation from the holiday of April 30, "super" water park The Amazing Bay has become a famous national destination in terms of scale with 5 records confirmed. The establishment includes: Vietnam's largest water park, Vietnam's largest artificial sea, Vietnam's highest artificial wave, Vietnam's longest Miraculous river, Vietnam's largest outdoor led screen.

According to a representative of The Amazing Bay, since the opening of the super water park, it has attracted a large number of visitors, specifically in the first 3 days of the holiday, the water park has welcomed over 20,000 visitors. Receiving feedback from customers, most of them gave good reviews about The Amazing Bay's service quality, especially the impressions of the items that were confirmed as national records here.

* Accommodation service flourishes

Along with the positive recovery in the number of visitors to tourist attractions, the accommodation service has also received good news in the past time when tourists have begun to choose to spend the night at amusement parks. , attractions in the province.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, Deputy Head of Sales Department (Buu Long KDL) said that during the holiday, the resort welcomes about 20,000 tourists.

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tung, the number of visitors to Buu Long tourist resort on this occasion is about 60% compared to the time before the epidemic. However, the number of guests staying has prospered, during the holidays, 40 rooms in the resort are at 100% capacity. When guests book a room at Buu Long KDL, the entrance will be free.

At Suoi Mo tourist resort, 36 rooms are also fully booked by tourists during the holidays, according to Mr. Pham Chau An, when guests register to stay at the resort, they will also receive free entrance tickets and breakfast. Alternatively, during their stay, guests can order meals at KDL's restaurant.

“KDK Suoi Mo has a preferential room rate policy on weekdays, so visitors can register a room in advance with KDL via phone number to book the most convenient room. On the occasion of September 2 this year, Suoi Mo Tourist Park has also deployed electronic tickets for tourists to visit in order to facilitate and ensure compliance with the provisions of law "- Mr. Pham Chau An added.

More than 90,000 visitors come to KDLs during the holidays

According to statistics from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, during the 4 days of National Day holiday on September 2, Dong Nai received about 90,000 visitors to visit and travel at tourist sites and attractions in the province.


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