Explore nature in the heart of the city - Mango Garden

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With the incentives of nature and the hands of human creation, Mango Garden has long been an interesting resort and resort associated with a quiet and fresh space with a large green garden. 50 hectares. Mango Garden Ecotourism is an ideal destination for tourists visiting the zoo, picnics, entertainment, relaxation, cuisine and event organization.

Coming to the Mango Garden eco-tourism site, visitors can admire the vast wilderness, winding small paths stretching around streams, rows of green oil palm trees, greenery, flowers, birds singing, the sound of streams ringing intertwined to create a poetic and peaceful garden.

In addition, visitors can participate in new and attractive games at the Mango Garden eco-tourism such as: grass slide, ostrich riding, Highlands elephant riding, crocodile fishing, basket boat rowing, paintball shooting ... The Mango Garden ecological tourist site also has a play area for children such as children's garden, swimming pool, artificial sea.

Away from the noisy and bustling urban atmosphere, on weekends, people always want to find peaceful and serene countryside. That is the reason, the Mango Garden ecotourism area is considered as the ideal destination for those who love nature passionately and want to immerse themselves in the wild, unique landscape that is no less poetic.

Thu Trang

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