60 years of war zone historic D zone

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After 60 years of establishment (1961-2021), the historic land of War Zone D - Central Department of the South (Vinh Cuu district) is one of the most important revolutionary bases of "the East of the country. heroic "in the resistance war against the French and the Americans to save the country.

During the resistance war, the Central Department of the South had an important strategic position in politics, economy, culture, and military and was a place of fierce "confrontation" between us and the enemy. In the period 1954-1975, this was the place where many economic potentials were gathered, the seaport, the military airport, the important waterway and road transport system; It was the area where major campaigns took place, which had significant impact on the battlefield, was also a land rich in traditional revolutionary struggles. Mark the glorious and proud history pages in the resistance war period.

Today that land has completely changed, many young people in the old war zone choose to return to their hometown to settle down and seek opportunities to get rich. However, the war zone of zone D still retains immense primeval forests with many hundred-year old trees, many valuable medicinal plants ... is an ideal place to develop tourism on the source, ecotourism continues. customs contributed to the richness of this revolutionary land so that the young generation would always remember the great merits that the heroes sacrificed. 

Every year, the historic war zone D - Central Department of the South welcomes many delegations of visitors, the source is veterans, students, young people ... Most visitors want to learn about the address. This red to learn historical value and pride after hearing about the sacred victories and duties of the district commission in wartime. In addition to its historical value, the revolutionary relic sites are also the points connecting tourism of the reserve with various forms of tourism and enjoying rustic dishes from the typical freshwater fisheries Tri An lake area.
Currently, this potential historical land is being supported and invited for investment by the Provincial People's Committee to increase economic value and create a special highlight for Dong Nai tourism.


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