April is romantic with the flying flower season

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If the North is brilliant with the red flowers of the rice flower season or the passionate milk flower season with sweet fragrance throughout the streets, the South has a very simple flower season but no less. gracefully creates the romantic, tender, poetic of street corners.


Oily flower, also known as the panicle flower, a typical flower in the city, often falls between April and May. Flowers bloom when they have two wings, dry and fall like a pinwheel. A "sea of oil flowers" is very poetic and romantic.
Flying oil flower is often widely planted and popular in many urban areas because the large canopy creates shade. Flying oil flowers usually bloom in November to December, by the end of April and early May, the fruits ripen and fall down, creating a romantic season in the streets of the city. The most interesting time is watching the oil flowers flying in May, the late afternoon, flowers flying in the wind create a very romantic and interesting scene ...


In the afternoons in Bien Hoa, if you have the opportunity to go along the roads such as Nguyen Ai Quoc, Phan Dinh Phung, Vo Thi Sau ... especially the seasons, when the city welcomes the first rains, the oil starts. head shedding a lot. Creating the pinwheel petals dropping in the wind, making everyone bewildered with the poetic scenery of the flying flower season ...


Thanh Xuan

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