Folk from a country gift - Banh Tam cassava

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Tapioca Cassava Cake is a popular and familiar dish of the Southern people. Surely it has been associated with the childhood of many people so that sometimes in the midst of modern life we want to come and enjoy to recall childhood memories. The cake of the "countryman" has a rich, irresistible sweet taste that stimulates the taste, smell and sight of the eater. Since childhood, the red fiber green silkworm cake is wrapped in a piece of freshly sprung banana leaf that still smells like plastic as breakfast, snacks to help students fill their stomachs.

Tapioca silkworm cake usually has an elongated shape like a silkworm, but there are other shapes such as a square, a small rectangle ... depending on the tastes of the worker. The cake usually has many different colors such as: pineapple green, rosewood, white, cassava yellow ... The crust is usually covered with finely grated coconut that looks like white silk threads of silkworms. Cassava tapioca cake is a bit chewy, has a fragrant coconut flavor and is greasy, often eaten with roasted sesame seeds, white sugar.

How to make cassava silkworm cake is also very simple and easy to make. Grate tapioca or use tapioca flour, mix the tapioca with flour and add color as you like, then steam in a water bath. After the cake is cooked, let it cool and then cut it into elongated pieces. Grate the coconut and finely chop it into small cotton fibers. Then roll the cake over coconut crumbs and serve on a plate. When eating, people often add ripe sesame salt, white sugar or coconut milk, making the cake greasy and fragrant.

Tapioca silk cake is a popular dish that many people remember, whether in their homeland or abroad. You can easily find this cake in the markets or street vendors to enjoy as a gift of the homeland associated with the memory of each person's childhood.


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