Sac Nhon Trach forest relic

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From Bien Hoa city center, visitors to Vung Tau junction, follow Highway 51 to Provincial Road 25B junction into Nhon Trach district turn right to Hiep Phuoc 4-way turn left or from Ho Chi Minh city center, follow Direction of Hanoi Highway to Cat Lai Crossing, pass Cat Lai Ferry along Provincial Road 25B to Hiep Phuoc Crossroad, turn right along Huong Highway 19 to go to Phuoc An Commune People's Committee, turn left to Bien Hoa Building Materials Company port ; Go on a boat about 4 km to reach the monument.

Previously, Sac forest was the revolutionary base of the anti-French and anti-American years. This place marked many victories of our army and people in 2 wars against the French and the Americans to save the country. Forest Sac relic is a place marked with glorious victories such as the battle of Thanh Tuy Ha bomb store, Nha Be gas station, Victory ship ... the hardships, challenges, and the lost sacrifices of the army and people in different locations. the coastal areas of Rung Sac and the 10 Special Forces of the Forest in the war against the US to save the country; is a red site for the source of patriotism education for young people today and tomorrow.
In particular, Sac Forest has a mangrove ecosystem with very special environmental conditions, mediating between aquatic ecosystems and terrestrial ecosystems, freshwater ecosystems and saltwater ecosystems. Receiving a large amount of alluvium from the Dong Nai River, along with the influence of the adjacent sea and tidal waves, the flora here is very rich with over 150 species. 

In addition, Rung Sac also has a rich fauna, some types occur seasonally, there are species that live all year round such as monkeys, squirrels, storks, cranes, herons, parrots, moths, red buds, le le, ..and some reptile species such as crocodile, gecko, python, snake, turtle, ... Currently, the landscape here remains relatively intact with rich flora and fauna, especially the Green and covered mangroves. However, due to the facilities made of raw materials such as mangroves, Nypa palm ... in addition, to ensure confidentiality during the war, after relocation, the system of houses, factory army ... of the command of the Special Military Region of Rung Sac and the 10th Special Forces Group of Rung Sac have been completely destroyed. The Headquarters of Rung Sac Military Region Command and the 10th Special Forces Group of Rung Sac holds an important strategic position, is a place to mark creative leadership, strategic ways,



Today, coming to the tourist attractions of Nhon Trach district, visitors will admire the peaceful beauty of the river, visit ancient temples and old houses with a lifespan of 100 years. In addition, visitors can explore the large mangrove forest of the Southeast with the rich saltwater vegetation with many types of mangroves, skin, tiger fish, fish sauce ... woven together in layers. pretty. Visiting the battle of Sac Forest, visitors can sit on a boat roaming the river, enjoy the tranquil natural landscape of the forest and learn about the history of culture.

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