Dong Nai issues tourism development plan in 2020

07/04/2020 1983 0

In the context of complicated COVID-19 epidemic, Dong Nai has issued the 3113 plan on Dong Nai tourism development 2020.


Accordingly, the plan sets out the central task of propagandizing to raise the society's awareness about tourism, mobilizing resources for investment in tourism infrastructure development and tourism technical infrastructure, product development. tourism products, linking tourism routes within and outside the province, promoting and promoting tourism as well as training and developing human resources and strengthening tourism management.


In addition, the plan also focuses on promoting the values ​​of monuments and traditional handicraft products associated with tourism activities to serve tourists, encourage and facilitate new products and services such as: : paragliding, sailing, mixed sports, cycling at Dong Nai Nature - Cultural Reserve, Thac Mai - Bau bo bo bo, Chua Chan mountain ... Focus on improving tourism quality garden ecology in Long Khanh city, community based tourism in Tan Phu and Vinh Cuu districts. Researching and developing new products at Dong Nai Nature - Cultural Reserve, Cat Tien National Park. Developing river tourism, researching, surveying products (wine, brocade weaving ...) and festivals of ethnic minority areas to exploit for tourism.


At the same time, to attach importance to building a friendly and hospitable civilized tourism environment, ensuring order and security, tourism environment, preventing crowding, raising service prices, controlling hygiene and safety. food, danger warnings, rescue and salvage services in tourist areas, tourist destinations and business establishments.

Thu Trang

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