Dong Nai Museum - A place to store cultural values

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It is one of the places where countless cultural values ​​of Dong Nai are kept. Dong Nai Museum is a place that attracts a lot of tourists to come to learn and discover about a land of heroic history of the nation.

The museum was established in 1976, with an area of 4,936 square meters and a campus of 13,000 square meters. In 1995, the first exhibition of the Museum was held on the ground floor and attracted a large number of visitors. Museums play an increasingly important role in discovering and disseminating insights into the natural and socio-cultural history of the province.

Dong Nai Museum is divided into 5 main rooms including Cultural Heritage Room, Explanatory Note Room, Research and Collection Room, Inventory and Preservation Room and General Administration Room. With 14 rooms and many different areas and themes such as: Dong Nai nature, ethnic culture, traditional crafts, Dong Nai from prehistory to the period of national liberation struggle, construction and protecting the Fatherland,.... Every year, the museum attracts more than 10,000 visitors.

Currently, with more than 21,000 different artifacts preserved through excavations, collections, surveys or donated by people, collected from a number of authorities,... These artifacts are divided into two categories. into 25 outstanding collections such as: Dong Nai riverbed pottery, Dong Nai forest animals, ancient coins, tools for making pottery or cannons, enemy weapons during the war, and jewelry. Suoi Chon site,...
In order to attract more visitors to visit, the museum in recent years has increased its conservation and search for new artifacts. The museum is open to free visitors to understand more about the culture and history of the nation, to reminisce about the past, to admire all the precious antiques...

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