Dong Nai organizes learning experiences in developing garden ecotourism

11/09/2020 215 0

Recently, garden ecotourism has brought socio-economic benefits to many localities and businesses. The direct participation of the people has created the richness and the attraction for the tourism products, and at the same time brought higher income for the local people.

Dong Nai has many advantages in ecotourism development, especially ecotourism associated with orchards, but now in Long Khanh it has gradually become famous for outstanding garden tourism destinations such as : Aunt Hai fruit garden, Ut Tieu fruit garden, Be Big fruit garden, Hai Chanh and Uncle Tong fruit garden ... associated with traditional craft villages containing local cultural identities suitable for Ecotourism development has received much attention from tourists inside and outside the province.

Although the development of garden tourism has been in operation for many years, in general, the model of developing fruit garden tourism has not really brought into play its effectiveness, commensurate with its existing potential, still has some limitations. To promote the development of garden ecotourism, in the near future, the Dong Nai Tourism Promotion Center will organize for gardeners who are developing the model of garden ecotourism, cooperatives and households with potentials of development of garden tourism of localities in the province to study, exchange experiences in developing garden ecotourism models in Tien Giang and Vinh Long in order to improve tourism qualifications and knowledge garden and consider applying to practice locally in the coming time.

Hopefully, with the experience learning programs in tourism in the provinces, you will help gardeners and units have a new direction in shaping and developing the model of garden ecotourism in Dong Nai, building image of Dong Nai - garden ecotourism welcoming tourists, is an ideal destination to attract tourists in the coming time.

Thu Trang

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