Effectively exploiting the strengths of garden tourism

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Garden tourism is a unique product that for many years, Long Khanh City has been focusing on effectively exploiting, along with the impressive growth of visitors and revenue, the city's tourism market increasingly expanded, tourism products are diversified and gradually improved in quality with Long Khanh's own "brands", such as garden tourism in Binh Loc, Bao Quang, Hang Gon, Xuan Lap, Xuan Tan, Suoi Tre ... have become stops for many delegations inside and outside the province to visit and travel.

According to information from the City People's Committee. In Long Khanh, currently the garden eco-tourism areas are developing strongly, most of which have a large area of fruit trees, and gardeners are invested and cared for properly. Typically, in Binh Loc commune, the whole commune has more than 1,690 hectares of fruit trees, of which 92 orchards have been developing a garden eco-tourism model.


From the fact that, Long Khanh is a locality with great potential to develop garden eco-tourism. However, in order to develop more sustainably, professionally, and attract more tourists, gardeners need to have a connection with travel agencies… and at the same time link and connect with each other. Gardeners can choose to plant different types of fruit trees so that they can welcome visitors in every season. In particular, the promotion and communication stage is also an issue that has not been paid much attention by gardeners in recent years.

However, in order to develop sustainable garden tourism, gardeners and tourism development businesses need to link together, diversify services, build clean specialty fruit areas. , ensure standards and have fruits almost all year round. In particular, the association to form a tourist route in the Southeast region has created an attractive tourist route for visitors to experience, both helping to connect the Long Khanh fruit specialties, build a brand, and help Long Khanh develops various types of tourism, creating more addresses to attract tourists not only at home but also abroad.

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