Enjoy mountain specialties

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In Tan Phu (Dong Nai), besides exploring forests and relaxing, they can also enjoy specialties of the mountains. There is a very attractive specialty vegetable, that is Tweezers leaf vegetables.


Leaf and tweezers leaves are picked from tweezers that grow in the forest, twig with two fingers, oval, and young tweezers with a reddish color, under the green petiole. When cooked, the leaves taste pliable, sweet and fleshy. Not only delicious, leaf tweezers also provide a lot of energy, help restore health and avoid some diseases.

Vegetable leaves are often used to stir beef. However, the type of leaf used for stir-frying beef must be thin, not too young, not too old. Marinated beef is ready to eat when the beef is on the island. When you enjoy it, you will feel the sweet and sweet smell of tweezers


In addition, in restaurants, the restaurant also transforms into many attractive dishes such as tweezers to cook chicken heart, cook hot pot, cook soup with fish, shrimp ... Although it is just a rustic forest vegetable, not painted oyster But if enjoyed once, everyone will remember forever the unique taste of the mountains


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