Experience the peaceful countryside scene on Tan Yen land

14/04/2020 2049 0

Coming to Tan Yen land, visitors will have the experience of peaceful countryside, separate the noisy city atmosphere, visit flower fields and lush green vegetable fields. In addition, you can stop to visit Hoang Hac eco-tourism farm to explore and experience the fresh natural space here


From the national highway, to Gia Tan 3 commune, Thong Nhat district, tourists will cross winding roads, flanked by fields of fields and gardens to reach the farm. The farm is larger than 10 hectares surrounded by 2 large natural buckets, all year round with clear blue water and cool breeze.
Coming here, visitors can join family and friends to participate in picnic activities such as fishing, camping or excursions on the lake ... Also, if you are a nature lover, like to explore and personally picking luxuriant fruits of a garden full of specialties such as: rambutan, avocado, durian; have a clean vegetable garden ... 


On weekends, enjoying the peaceful moments on Tan Yen land is nothing more interesting than that, temporarily away from the noisy life in the city. Many families choose Hoang Hac Farm for children to experience the life in the countryside, they can go fishing nets, catch snails, catch crabs, river bath or can join in gardening, learn to make cakes, together wading in the joke ...


Hoang Hac ecotourism farm is naturally designed to create a peaceful, cool space. Surrounding is the fruit tree of the family, both doing business and creating green space in the resort space, combining the model of barn garden and garden to create excitement and novelty for visitors.

Thu Trang

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