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Ho Ba Hao tourist area has a total area of more than 400 hectares, located in Ma Da commune, Vinh Cuu district, Dong Nai province, far from the city center. Bien Hoa is about 50km and 80km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. With many types of tourism as well as countless popular entertainment games such as yachts, fishing, picnics, sports activities associated with the historical relic War Zone D, Tri An Lake (island). Ó - Dong Truong) or enjoy specialties from the lake such as gongs, fish, etc. Currently, Ho Ba Hao tourist area is being invested to become a tourist attraction attracting tourists inside and outside the province. come visit.

In addition, Ho Ba Hao tourist area also has a lotus lake which is one of the certain spots you should visit when coming to Ho Ba Hao tourist area. The lotus lake is about 10ha wide, located parallel to Ba Hao dam, the water flows into the lotus pond like a small canal non-stop. In the lake there are countless different species of fish that are suitable for fishing picnics. In addition, the center of war zone D or Ba Hao lake are also extremely interesting and attractive places.

If you are looking for a vacation combined with a picnic, then Ho Ba Hao tourist area is the ideal place for you. The destination of Ho Ba Hao tourist area has both wild nature and interesting, safe and attractive experiences for visitors.

Nguyen Yen

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